Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Few Last Bits Of "Gratitude"

A few more (some of my favorites) writerly quotes from Todd Aaron Jensen's "On Gratitude":

"The impulse to tell stories is part of our species. There's a storytelling instinct in everyone." - Joyce Carol Oates

"I'm very grateful for all the long-term support of my readers, the pleasure they take in my books, and the generous way they express that to me. They are the unseen force in my life - people I've not met, for the most part, but who drive me and inspire me and move me deeply to always to better work." - Danielle Steele

"The nice thing abut fiction is it develops our ability to empathize. Literature makes us more human." - John Updike

"To stare at horizontal lines of phonetic symbols and Arabic numbers and to be able to put a show on in your head, it requires the reader to perform. If you can do it you can go whaling in the South Pacific with Herman Melville or you can watch Madame Bovary make a mess of her life in Paris. With pictures and movies, all you have to do is sit there and look at them and it happens to you. I am grateful to people who still concern themselves with the work of being readers." - Kurt Vonnegut

And a completely random quote:

"I'm very grateful Hawaii exists. I thank Hawaii every time I'm there. I really wish Hawaii would let me live there. I am a whining, screaming kid every time I have to leave." - Maya Rudolph

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