Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reasons or Excuses?

I've missed my last three blog posts - or rather missed posting on the last three scheduled days. This has been a rare occurrence since I challenged/charged myself with keeping a twice-weekly posting schedule. Embarrassingly - I'm admittedly not the most organized person - the first one I missed was simply because I just plain forgot what day it was. (Sadly, this is not the first time that has happened.)
     And, as expected and has been proven time and again, once I get off schedule with my regular writing routine, it's very easy to not get back into it. (Does this sound familiar? How often have I posted about the skip-a-day-or-two-and-lose-momentum/motivation issue?)
     The last post I missed was "because" my laptop had a virus and had to go to the shop. It's still in the shop and I am writing this on my little Netbook that I keep for backup and am very grateful to have. But using the Netbook is hard. And using that as an excuse not to write a blog post is easy.
     So, I'm making myself get back on schedule with my posting, and still hoping one day I will learn these lessons often enough and well enough that I will stop repeating the same mistakes and bad habits.

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