Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just Another Writing Blog

     Every time I do my version of writing research - which means google a topic and scan one or two of the items that come up - on a subject I plan to blog about, I find myself reading informatin about the topic on some other writer's blog. There must be hundreds or thousands of blogs by writers and/or about writing and many of them mention the same topics I am reading about in order to write about them.
     My first thought is: why am I writing this blog when it's just another writing blog among thousands? How many writer's blogs does the world need? My second thought is that clearly every subject I blog about has been covered by every other writing blog, probably more than once.
     Then I consider that one of my personal goals in blogging is to share information with other writing enthusiasts and professionals. So, if I come across unique ideas in other blogs and comment on them (and refer others to them) in my own, that is acheiving part of my purpose.
     So I read these other posts by other writers on blogs about writing and each one says something different on the same subject or sometimes says the same thing in a different way. And each one gives me a new perspective or fresh idea.
     This tells me that my thoughts on writing might offer other writers a new way to look at an issue or topic, even an age-old subject, and hopefully inspire them or their work - which is my other goal of blogging.

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